LDI Excel Financial Modeller

The syllabus of the LDI Excel Financial Modelling course is still TBC

LDI Financial Reporting Specialist (power BI)

This course is designed and delivered by Rishi Sapra and the Power Platform Finance community group. On completion of modules from this course, the learner will have a deep understanding of how to use Power BI to build financial statements, including on how to use custom visuals and tell a story with finance data

Financial Analyst

The LDI Financial Analyst path is similar to the Data Analyst path (and has much of the core knowledge from there as a  pre-requisite) though has a focus on working with financial data and processes.

Many of these processes are traditionally performed in Excel as they require the flexibility for calculations/adjustments that Excel offers.  Financial modelling requires a certain rigour when working with Excel, however, to ensure that there are appropriate controls/checks and that models are maintainable and automated. This is the core of the LDI financial modelling course.

Working with large data volumes and complex logic in Excel also presents a number of challenges, however, and the Analysis Services database behind Power BI can provide some of the required scalability and complexity of logic through DAX calculations, as well as some of the Governance and Security that is lacking in Excel. In addition, the visualisation elements of Power BI can provide for powerful insights into finance data, really allowing users to understand the drivers behind financial performance and go from a high level view into detailed transactions.

Building these financial reports and analysis in Power BI requires some advanced techniques and is sometimes best supported with use of custom visuals/add-ons that support activities such as write-back and modelling, and/or using the database of Power BI but still using Excel as a front-end in to maintain the required flexibility and ease of use.

The focus of the LDI Financial Reporting with Power BI course is around producing financial statements and performing variance analysis in order to tell a story with financials. It assumes a strong foundation in Power BI (minimum knowledge/experience level of PL-300) and an understanding of core financial concepts.

The LDI Financial Analyst Role Path consists of the following:

  • LDI Excel Financial Modelling – Syllabus Coming Soon| LDI Content Coming Soon
  • LDI Power BI Financial Reporting (Advanced) LDI Content