Learn Data Insights (LDI) - What we offer

LDI is a 10k+ strong technical community focused on relevant and engaging learning for Microsoft Data Analytics tools. Click below to learn more about who we are.

Identify and fill knowledge gaps

If you’ve been working with a tool or platform for a while – and perhaps you’re at the level where you want to get certified – then maybe you “don’t know what you don’t know”.  You don’t want to have to read hundreds of pages on Microsoft Docs or watch hours of videos on a course in order to identify and fill knowledge gaps. At LDI we provide:

  • Practice questions that are aligned to exam syllabuses
    Different question formats (e.g. multiple choice, drag and drop, sequence) which match the style of Microsoft exams
  • Detailed feedback after each question (regardless of whether you get it right or wrong!) with links to learn more about the topic
  • Results of each quiz attempt with correct answers and feedback/links automatically e-mailed to you

Duration: 41s

Interactive self-paced e-learning

Most e-learning content is generic and just based on running through technical features. At LDI we provide interactive, gamified e-learning courses that are much more engaging and much more fun !  Our e-learning is:

  • Based on real-life scenarios where you need to use the tool/platform to achieve a business objective
  • Aligned to roles/personas (e.g. Finance reporting analyst, Power BI administrator) and focused on the tasks to be completed/jobs-to-be-done by someone in that role.
  • Presented with different formats (e.g. text alongside audio/visual media) and with interactive exercises for you to try the activities hands-on, all without leaving the e-learning course.

Duration: 55s

Customisation of e-learning courses/quizzes

Personalisation is a key way to make e-learning relevant for people and we can customise the e-learning to be specific to your industry, your organisation, your role, your motivations and to both the specific tasks that you need to carry out as well as to the type of data you need to work with

  • We can customise content to your own organisation, audience and specific roles/scenarios.
  • Use your own company logo and refer to your own teams people and processes in the material
  • We can even fully customise the datasets that are used in the labs/ examples to be an anonymised version of the data that you have in your source systems.
  • We cater the quizzes to the areas that your staff need to learn rather than to a pre-defined exam syllabus.
  • We can integrate all of the content directly into your Learning Management System so you can host it internally and track progress in the same way as you might do for your compliance or regulatory training.

Duration: 54s

Use data to drive your training journey

Because we capture all of the quiz performance data, we  provide you with a view of your progress over time, a real-time leader board and of course – we practice what we preach! – an interactive Power BI Embedded report where you can benchmark your performance against the thousands of other people who have taken the same quizzes.

For companies, the data that is captured from the quizzes and courses by your employees is your data – you can bring it into your own environment and use it for gamification (perhaps internal leader boards!) and for recruitment or internal skills assessments.

Duration: 59s